Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stop The Bullies-Violent Attack On Gay Student By Bully At Union-Scioto High School, Caught On Video

Go read Bob's piece about this video at I Should Be Laughing.

Attack On Gay Student By Bully At Union-Scioto High School In Chillicothe, Ohio, Caught On Video

Visit V, over at Maybe It's Just me. He just posted this quote from Sharon J. Lettman-Hicks.

 Sharon J. Lettman-Hicks Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition:

Bullying and violence have no place in our schools. When our children are the targets as a result of their orientation, perceived orientation, gender identity or gender expression, it is critical that there are adults they can turn to. It is imperative that their allies be visible so that they won't have to be invisible. This is our responsibility to not only our black LGBT youth but every child.

It is going to take a village to change the culture of bullying. As adults, we have an obligation to help young people "own their power." If they are bullied or witness their friends being harassed, they should feel empowered to speak up and speak out. That's where we come in.

We must engage our children in open and honest dialogue around anti-gay violence and rhetoric and bring LGBT-inclusive books, movies, and conversations into the home. Start a Gay-Straight Alliance with your son or daughter if they don't already have one. And if there is one, you can volunteer, whether your child is gay or not. Being a silent spectator is not an option. It is about building community and letting our children know that we care.

'Hot Man' App And Video From Rethink Breast Cancer-Help Save The Women In Your Life

As many of you already know who follow my blog my mom was killed years ago by breast cancer that spread through her lymph system and metastasized as a bone cancer. Her struggle with breast cancer was not very different from most women(and the few men)who have to travel this road. One thing that might have changed the outcome of my mom's bought with breast cancer was finding the cancer much earlier and treating it earlier. Early detection and treatment makes all the difference. 

She did find a tiny, tiny lump early on. Her gut told her to see her doctor and after consulting him, she went against her gut and  decided that it was nothing to worry about. Fast forward some months and it was not something you could ignore. It is hard to say if that waiting period would have saved her life, but if nothing else it would have given her more time to fight and be aggressive with treatment. It would have given her the edge, instead the cancer caught her by surprise.

For all the women who read my blog, please trust your gut. The concept of female intuition is legendary for for a good reason. More often than not there is something behind that sense you have that something is wrong. Get exams regularly, check your breasts at home, and if you even think you feel a lump take it very seriously. Life is too rare and precious to leave its' fate to chance. 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I hope my mom's story encourages all of you to be proactive in dealing with breast cancer and  gives you reason to help protect the women you love by supporting awareness for breast cancer. If me objectifying men will help that cause, I'm okay with that too. Enjoy the video and the app!