Personal Notes-Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello everyone,

This year's holiday season has been busy, but it seems like we've had more time to really enjoy it. It didn't take nearly as long as it did in previous years to put up the seven trees and all the decorations for the house, and that was a relief. I think I've figured out the best way to pack things to make it easy to dress up the house quickly; the method I'm using feels very scientific. I'm more organized this year and much more energized, though the short days are hard for me to deal with. If you haven't seen our home decorated before, I created collages from the decked out rooms this year. Just take a look at the photos below.

We had our holiday party on the 8th and it was a great success. We had about sixty guests and even though the party was much larger than previous years it seemed easier and a lot less stressful to prepare for it. I'm still making a little too much food, but I've got a plan to remedy that net year. The night breezed by; I just wish I had more time to spend with each guest. Such is life.

We will celebrate with Amanda and Aaron for their annual holiday get together. We're looking forward to spending time with everyone, especially S&E. We are bringing a vegetable melody in an Alfredo sauce. The Alfredo sauce  one of Stan's best creations. It's to die for. I'm pretty sure if you ate too much of it you would die. We're excited Amanda is making her lasagna again this year, which is better than anything else you could get at a holiday dinner. She's an excellent cook, period.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. I also hope you and your families have a bright new year.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. Thanks very much, Kyle. All the best for the holidays.

  2. Thanks for the holiday wishes, and same to you and your family. I love when your holiday snaps go up. Much love to you for posting the Dar Williams.

  3. Just always!

    You and Stan have a wonderful holiday season, my friend. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful decorations. I feel your regrets about the party. I had the sane issues. Maybe next year I'll just come to yours ;-)

  5. Allow me to wish you the very best for 2013. May this upcoming year be filled with little miracles every day!


  6. And all the very best (+ more) to you to, Kyle. Have a lovely time - and we look forward to your continued informative postings throughout 2013. Mwah mwah!

  7. Happy Holidays Kyle and Stan!

    Every year I read about all the decorating you do and marvel at their beauty. As a virgo, you gave me some extra holiday wood when you talked about a new and improved system for packing up the house - please don't leave me hanging. What secrets can you share?


  8. Happy Merry! Your home looks so beautiful!


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