The Future Is All About Loving Ourselves

Love is All You Need

I'm pretty sensitive to the dull bleakness of deep winter, as so many people are. It's that yearly time where emotionally I'm constantly struggling with the darker elements of my nature (the ones that aren't supportive and productive) that are being complimented by our short days. The sparkle and light of the holidays are recent memories and so is our snowpack; snow is always such a bright spot for me during this time, so having it gone just makes me feel more vulnerable. Parts of me are longing for the vitality of spring, but the days are visibly getting longer and it is getting easier to just let the season be what it is. These are the articles that gave me a pick up this week. They are all about loving ourselves and creating safe spaces for GLBTQ to thrive, one act at a time. The world may never be perfect for us, but hearing these stories and sharing in the love, happiness, and drive of unlikely heroes is an easy way to  lift my spirits. It helps me feel good about the moment we are in and makes me feel it is a great time to be unabashedly queer. Be happy everyone!



  1. All uplifting articles. Reminds me of what the Dalai Lama said....
    What's that?
    Oh, not the Dalai Lama, but RuPaul--I always get them confused--who says, every week, "If you can't love yourself, how in the Hell you gonna love anyone else? Can I get a Amen up in here!?!"
    Words to live by, words to strive for.

  2. Bob you are too funny...never stop! :)


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